Durable Solutions 

By definition, Internally Displaced Persons unlike Refugees have not crossed into the territory of another country; they still live within the borders of their home country except that they have been forced to flee their homes and community.

The Durable solution options available for IDPs include:

  • Return: To go back to their former place of habitual residence provided that their safety is guaranteed i.e. the cause of their displacement is/has been stopped or abated and no re-occurrence of such cause of displacement can be immediately foretold.
  • Resettlement: re-established or settled in a new site or community where safety is guaranteed for the IDPs. This option is proffered when it becomes seemingly impossible for the IDPs to return to their formal place of residence.
  • Integration: is a situation whereby IDPs are being locally integrated into host communities.

Re-integration programmes are built into any of the durable solution option.

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