Internally Displaced Persons

The protection of Internally Displaced Persons is vital to the activities of the Commission. When displacement occurs; whether conflict or environmentally induced, our focus is usually to draw attention to the need for every individual IDP to be treated with dignity and respect wherever they take shelter whether in their home State or not. That fact that many social groups are still segregated along ethnic-religious line, the tendency for indigent population to act discriminately against IDPs is very high. This is often reflected in the indigene-settler squabble.

Apart from the commission’s concerns of acts of rape, assault, violence attack against IDPs arising from their displacement, we are very vigilant on any discriminatory action taken against an IDP as a result of his or her displacement.

On the overall, prevention is part of the core component of the draft National IDPs Policy which clearly prohibits arbitrary displacement either by the action or policies of government at all levels or by non-state actors. The issue of arbitrary displacement can also be indirectly inferred from the constitution of the Federal republic of Nigeria that the primary purpose of government is to ensure the welfare and security of the people. It is therefore safe to assume that government for instance will not engage in arbitrary displacement in consideration to the welfare of its citizens.

There are other causes of internal displacement in Nigeria which are gaining government attention. For instance, at the peak of the flooding that occurred in 2012, over 7.4 Million people were affected across 28 States of the Federation of which 2.2 Million people are registered in various camping facilities spread across the country. Currently, the incidences of internal displacement in Nigeria are conflict induced and in fact, our culture as a communal people has helped a lot in terms of mitigating some of the impacts of displacement.

Internally Displaced Persons


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